New project AlpBC continues work of AlpHouse


The funding period of Alphouse ended in december 2012. The project AlpBC continues the work of Alphouse carrying on the activities.


The project AlpBC will define and implement strategies and measures to preserve and advance Alpine Building Culture in the broader context of territorial development and ecologic sustainability.

It aims at enabling local actors to capitalize on this outstanding cultural asset as a source of regional identity and economic development.


Central elements of AlpBC are 


a) the implementation of inter-municipal planning concepts,
b) the stimulation of regional closed loop economies in the
    building sector,
c) the implementation of a network of regional centers and
    contact points for transfer of knowledge and technologies
    on building renovation to SMEs decision makers and
    administration, and
d) the implementation of participative governance processes
    and consultancy instruments for policy makers and regional


Many of the well established offers of AlpHouse will be carried on
by the new project.This applies especially for this website and for
the training offers (Qualification Modules), which will continue
under the well-known label of AlpHouse (www.alphouse.eu).


News & Events by Alphouse.eu

  • AlpBC Final Publication

    A detailed collection of the central findings of project AlpBC

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  • Success Stories from Project AlpBC: 

    A movie on the central activities of AlpBC

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  • AlpBC Results Flyer

    A short overview on the central findings of prject AlpBC

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  • Community Dialogues

    Documentation on one of the most successful tools in AlpBC 

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  • Building for tomorrow

    Handbook on sustainable construction with catalog of SMEs

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  • Wärmebrückenkatalog Fenstereinbau

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