WP5: Inter Municipal Concepts


Based on the capitalisation of the Alpine Space Project AlpHouse and other initiatives, AlpBC in WP 5 provides the transalpine framework for the concept of energy regions as territorial strategy. Energy regions will respond to new geographies facing actual challenges. They are shared by areas divided in administration and appearance, and that have to decide how to reach increased energetic autarchy, and how to strengthen demographic, economic and ecologic resilience. Urbanistic as well as energetic planning procedures up to now are missing out to be integrated, and adapted according to the realities that emerge in Alpine territories and societies undergoing deep transformation.


The aim of AlpBC is to combine urbanistic and energetic understandings, conceptions, and planning procedures in cooperation with institutional bodies and alpine communities. Since AlpBC generally develops BUILDING CULTURE as asset for regional identities and territorial transformation and as strong economic perspective, part of the energy regions strategies are closed loop economies in the construction sector, innovative consultancy for building culture, and specific incentive schemes.


Text: Leibniz Universität Hannover / Regione del Veneto