WP7: Competitive Territories


This WP directly aims at enhancing the competitiveness of territories and regional SMEs in the building sector by implementing AlpHouse Centers and Contact Points to disseminate innovative knowledge through networks of SMEs and to promote AlpHouse renovations and alpine building culture by means of research, education, counselling and marketing.


Regional building culture will be set on the agenda of decision makers by developing participative symposia and follow-up workshops. Publications and intense media work will enhance this purpose.


Politically relevant outputs of AlpBC and related projects will be summarized and transferred to politics on different level. Transnational exchange will be assured amongst others via netbased communication platform.


Project Partner are:

  • TIS – Techno innovation South Tyrol IT;
  • HWK  Chamber of Crafts and Trade for Munich and Upper Bavaria DE;
  • COA – S.p.A.  Aosta Valley Regional Financing Company  Directorate for Studies and Business Assistance – COA energia Service – IT;
  • ERSAF Regional Agency for Services to Agriculture and Forestry, Integrated Actions for Mountains and Applied Research Division – IT;
  • WKS Landesinnung Bau Salzburg Economic Chamber Branche Trade and Craft AT;
  • EIV Energy Institute Vorarlberg AT;
  • NEO  Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Drôme – Neopolis FR;
  • RSA Research Studios Austria – Studio. iSPACE AT;
  • LUH Leibniz Universität Hannover Chair of Regional Architecture and Urban Planning DE;
  • BAL Craft Center Ballenberg SW.