WP6: Planning and Consultancy


The regional implementation of energy regions pilot initiatives in WP 6 is based on the regional analysis, good practice evaluation, and case studies of WP 5. Pilot activities include the testing of plans, programmes or strategies on an inter-municipal level. The evaluation of pilot activities will be used to adapt the energy regions framework, in form of handbooks for transalpine transfer.


WP 6 aims to adapt local planning procedures and governance systems to implement the energy regions framework, as well as to raise the awareness and qualification of regional actors with regards to BUILDING CULTURE, energy and sustainable closed loops in the construction sector. These regional activities in intermunicipal planning and strategies are supported by innovative consultancy tools.


They are implemented in cooperation with the AlpHouse Centers and Contact Points, as part of their dissemination activities in WP 7. All relevant experiences at transnational level will be transferred to the several political levels, with executive political summaries, and by the participative symposia scheduled in the last steps of the project in WP 8.


Text: Regione del Veneto / Leibniz Universität Hannover