WP4: Capitalizing Knowledge


Action No. 4.1 Capitalization strategy


Several workshops have been held to find out about existing initatives and needs concerning intermunicipal strategies. Based on that as well as further research a capitalization strategy has been set up for internal use only. Interested parties can ask for more information on the internal strategy paper via email to





Action No. 4.2 Synthesising the knowledge base


Knowledge Base PDF collection


A collection of best practices, interesting projects and approaches, which can help to find ways to deal with intermunicipal planning and specific sustainable building challenges.


Download collection  read the summary and conclusions or select individual examples from the database.



Action No. 4.3 Relating the knowledge base to other activities


Report on upgrading energy certificates

For the later implementation the potential and important aspects of an spatial indicator enhanced energy certificates database were examined.


If you are interested in the complete internal report which includes not only a description of the preliminary work but also descriptions of aspects such as indicators and GIS technology which need to be considered on the way (part of WP 5) and a description of the actual implementation in the region of Salzburg (part of WP6) please write an email to





AlpHouse Analysis for new pilot regions


As a basis for the further development of intermunicipal concepts an analysis espcially of the newly joined partners on their pilot regions was carried out similiar to the one performed by other consortium partners in the project AlpHouse in the previous funding periode.


Analysis of Northern Primorska Region


Analysis of Val Passiria



Potential for harmonising spatial planning policies


For the identification of the potential of local energy plans to support the harmonization of spatial energy policies two studies were carried out:


Study for the Aosta Valley


Study for Veneto region

Transfer strategy to the Baltic Sea Area

For details on the internal strategy please contact schroeder@staedtebau.uni-hannover.de