Main Outputs WP5:  Inter-Municipal Concepts IMC


Action No. 5.1 Analyses of Pilot Regions


Analysis for Energy Region – Transalpine Part (ENG)

The Inter Municipal Pilot Area: the Mountain Community Monte Cervino.


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Analysis for Energy Region – Regional Part (ENG)

The Aosta Valley: natural landscape, settlements, population, economy, climate and the energy sector.


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Action No. 5.4 Supportive Case studies


Report on upgrading energy certificates


To have a basis for the pilot implementation of upgraded energy certificates in Salzburg supporting work was carried out to identify potential indicators and ways to integrate them.


If you are interested in the complete internal report which includes  a description of the preliminary work (WP 4.3) but also descriptions of aspects such as indicators and GIS technology (WP 5.1 and 5.2. outputs) which need to be considered on the way and a description of the actual implementation in the region of Salzburg (part of WP6) please write an email to



Action No. 5.5 Methodology Intermunicipal Concepts - Analysis and Conceptbuilding


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