Contact Details

Name of Institution (english) Energy Institute Vorarlberg
Name (national language) Energieinstitut Vorarlberg
Short name EIV

Contact Person

Title, Name, Surname DI Sabine Erber
Telephone +43 (0)699 13120291

Description of the Institution

EIV is a non-profit organization that offers services to support sustainable energy systems. Its main purpose is to promote sensible and efficient energy consumption by using renewable energy sources, which includes environment-friendly building as well as aspects of mobility.

The task is to prepare specialized information and distribute it to target groups.

It offers a wide spectrum of consultation and coaching possibilities for various target groups.

EIV is responsible for the development of ecological housing subsidies and provides the necessary resources for processing.

Description of Competences – referring to the Project

Energy efficiency and renewables

EIV provides province-wide community energy advice services in cooperation with Vorarlberg local authorities. There are also specialist services for council housing.


Local authorities

The main focus is on the e5 Program for energy efficient municipalities. This provides local authorities with support for their efforts to improve energy efficiency and introduce renewables.


Renewable energy sources and heating engineering

EIV acts to increases the market share commanded by renewable energy systems, to assure the quality of their design, installation and operation. The main focus is on solar, heat pumps and biomass.


Passive houses, energy efficient buildings and solar architecture

EIV promotes and advises on low energy, Passive Houses and renovation projects.


Building ecology and biology

EIV helps to ensure that the construction, operation, rehabilitation and demolition of buildings is performed in an energy efficient and ecological manner.


It helps local authorities to design sustainable transport policies.