Contact Details

Name of Institution (english) Chamber of Trade and Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria
Name (national language) Handwerkskammer für München und Oberbayern
Short name HWK

Contact Person

Title, Name, Surname Maximilian Stadler
Telephone +49 (0)861 9897724

Description of the Institution

The Chamber of Trade and Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria (HWK) represents and supports around 75.000 small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), many of them being crafts enterprises in the city of Munich and in rural Upper Bavaria. A main strand of this support is dedicated to helping these SMEs to integrate innovative technologies and to cope with current challenges.  This is considered the central task of 7 Education Centres run by HWK in Munich and six other cities in Upper Bavaria, which provide trainings, conferences and counselling.


Description of Competences – referring to the Project

The Chamber of Trade and Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria developed the idea of the AlpBC project based on the forerunner project AlpHouse, and gathered the most interesting partners throughout the Alpine Space within its consortium. As being the Lead Partner, the aims of HWK were centred on spreading the idea of high quality renovations of alpine buildings within a new framework of planning activities. This is a currently urging task as well as an opportunity for SMEs throughout the alpine space to capitalize on their core competencies and closeness to customers. Regionally HWK focuses on supporting local crafts enterprises, architects and decision makers in planning and performing optimal renovations, offering them training courses, informing them by large events, building networks among them and connecting them to renovation activities in the 2 pilot areas of Upper Bavaria.