Contact Details

Name of Institution (english) Finaosta S.p.A. – Aosta Valley Regional Financing Company – Directorate for Studies and Business Assistance – COA energia Service
Name (national language) Finaosta S.p.A. – Finanziaria Regionale della Valle d’Aosta – Direzione Studi e Assistenza alle Imprese – Servizio COA energia
Short name COA

Contact Person

Title, Name, Surname Ing. Genny Brunet
Telephone +39 (0)165 269298

Description of the Institution

The COA energia ensures the knowledge and analysis for the planning in the energy field. In particular:


  • promotes monitoring activities and studies in order to update the energy-environmental planning instruments;
  • supports regional structures responsible for energy saving and development of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the processing of planning documents;
  • manages the information desk and training spreading technical expertise in the field of energy;
  • gives to local authorities assistance for the identification of the opportunities for energy uses;
  • manages the system of the regional energy certification;
  • organizes the system of quality mark for installers and companies.

Description of Competences – referring to the Project

The COA will capitalise the knowledge in the spatial planning instruments at an inter municipal scale, with the collaboration of the observers Celva (Consortium of local Municipalities) and the Regional Department of territorial planning.


These activities will start by the systematisation of data collection already produced by COA in the activities held for the creation of the regional energy planning instruments and in previews European projects, in different Municipalities of the region.


The results of the analysis capitalization done on the selected Pilot area will implement the regional energy cadaster managed by the COA, to improve the current mapping system with new data related to the territory energy weaknesses and potentials. The analysis will be enriched by the best practices and recommendations individuated and spread during the Participative Symposia.